Batang 90’s  :) 
here’s the link to the first set : only 90’s kids can remember this

  1. Mony Mony sweet blends
  2. Ruler bracelets 
  3. Happy eggs 
  4. Miniature umbrella
  5. Rubber ball yoyo
  6. Pogs
  7. Fruitbox bubble gum
  8. Laste
  9. Yakult
  10. Nips , Dilemon and Mini floating sugar sweets

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I want a relationship like this.


Kaya minsan ayaw kong nagcacare kasi bukod sa nababalewala lang nasasaktan pa ko… 

kelangan ko po ng oras mo para satin dalawa :( ..

mahirap bang gawin yun kahit saglit lang na makita kita okay na ko nakakainis ka lang kasi alam mo ba yun naiinisako sayo ! ako na nga itong pupuntahan ka pero parang ayaw mo naman haiisttt anyareee na ba ?? pucha ka talaga ang sakit ng puso ko sayo ..!

"She’s the girl that has a few best friends & doesn’t need anymore, the girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes. She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back & say sorry. She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her, the girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up. She’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is. She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you. She’s the girl who believes in loving somebody forever. She’s me."
— She’s her *  (via imyourhazelgracewaters)


im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me

Wahhhhhhhh anyareeeeeehhh ?????


Please just remember, even if I’m not there. I’ll always love you, forever and always.


are you crying

nah i yawned 


"Not everyone is willing to take the risk of getting hurt again just to be with you. So the moment you find someone who would, treat him/her right and never let go."
— (via escafeism)